Halland Institute - People and Organisational Development

Clinical Leadership Programme 2014

“This programme has been invaluable for my personal and professional development. I see things through a totally different point of view.Thank you so much.”

“I have mapped out a realistic plan to achieve my career aspirations. I now better understand how myself and others can do the best for patient care. I have improved my leadership and management styles, which has contributed to an improvement in the service we deliver.”

“The programme has helped hugely in my practice. I am much more relaxed in my work and do not feel intimidated by others.”

“I have become more assertive, confident and structured. The programme has equipped and armed me with knowledge regarding management.”

“I feel this programme has further equipped me with the tools necessary to enhance my management skills in the future. Thank you!”

“I have become a better practitioner and maintain higher standards of care for patients / families. This benefits colleagues as I have become more confident and have better awareness. The programme will help me develop further in my leadership skills and managerial role.”

“The programme has contributed a lot to improving my leadership performance and management in my work place. It has helped to develop the skills required to understand my role as a good, effective leader, able to understand the management/organisation’s aims and objectives, maintain the delivery of high quality nursing care and safety of the patient, and provide job satisfaction for the staff.  I have become more assertive,  improving my communications and assertiveness both personally and professionally. I will be able to continue to apply all the theories and strategies that I have learned from this programme.”

“Since being on the programme, my leadership qualities have improved. I will be updating my reflective journal regularly.  I have more support from my staff as my leadership qualities are so much improved.”