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Coaching to Empowerment

A coaching client told me the other day that they had recently stood their ground when their boss asked them to do something that they believed was inappropriate. This was a huge step forward for someone who had been slowly “summoning up courage” to be assertive to this manager. As a result of making the challenge, my client said that they now feel empowered and really positive in all sorts of areas of their work.

Also importantly, they received an apology from their manager after the event. On reflection, the manager agreed that it had been an inappropriate request. This may well have been a big thing for the manager to do – especially if they were not used to being challenged.

A few coaching sessions can be life changing – it has been for my client and I am delighted for them. Their confidence has soared and they are standing tall.  For them, the effort they have put into their personal development has reaped huge rewards. Well done – you know who you are!

When you attain your goals, don’t forget to celebrate your successes.





Barbara (Bradbury) has over 20 years experience of working with health and social care professionals to improve leadership and management practices that will ultimately impact the quality of care received by patients and clients. When she's not working she enjoys singing in her local church choir, completing triathlons and long-distance cycle rides in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

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