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Conflict Management, Resolution & Mediation

Conflict between employees can be extremely costly for an organisation. As relationships break down, teamwork suffers and goal achievement is often affected. The resultant stress can affect many more people than the individuals directly involved in the conflict.

By resolving conflict quickly and effectively, underlying problems are brought to the surface and addressed positively. People can re-engage with their colleagues and refocus their efforts on achieving their organisational, team and personal goals.

Conflict can be triggered by a seemingly innocuous set of circumstances.  Working in a team with someone who you find irritating can be enough to set it in train. Without the skills to discuss the basic issues, a member of staff can soon find themselves trying to avoid their team colleague. Avoidance is a common coping strategy. However, it does not deal with the underlying problem,  which can continue to simmer in the background until the pressure becomes too great.

Equipping staff with the skills to deal with potential conflict will pay huge dividends for an organisation. Many service-user complaints may be avoided if  staff were better able to recognise potential causes of concern and were skilled in addressing conflict assertively before a situation deteriorated irrevocably.

The Halland Solutions team works with clients to address conflict on a number of levels:

  • Prevention : by helping people to identify their stress-inducers and recognise potential conflict situations
  • Action: by facilitating the development of effective skills to help avoid conflict, and to deal with it positively and swiftly when it arises
  • Reflection: by demonstrating how the experience of conflict enables future challenges to be dealt with more effectively
  • Mediation: by conducting this in real time.

Halland Solutions can facilitate the development of  strategies to avoid conflict and to resolve it effectively when it does occur.

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