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The Halland Solutions Approach & Values

We work in partnership with clients and stakeholders to assess local needs and help identify the priorities for learning and development. Our response is co-designed and flexible to adapt to these emerging needs.

Diagnose > Design > Deliver > Empower > Evaluate

Diagnose: We listen carefully to our clients and stakeholders to ensure that their needs are understood. When developing a programme for a designated cohort, we meet with the prospective programme members to establish their objectives.

Design: We then design a solution and discuss our suggested approach with clients and stakeholders. They are encouraged to co-design the interventions, thus maximising the potential of a successful outcome.

Deliver: Our approach to delivery is one of engagement and interaction. Programmes are highly participative and our team is skilled in facilitating group dynamics. From the outset we seek to build group cohesion and safety, fostering a climate of openness, support and challenge. The aim is to promote self discovery and develop personal insight, enabling programme members to understand themselves better and value difference amongst their colleagues.

Empower: We aim to make clients self-sufficient with regard to their own development. We encourage them to embed all their new-found knowledge and skills in their professional work. We constantly seek to enhance capability and the feeling of independence by ensuring that we co-design our interventions with clients and stakeholders. In addition, we build in evaluation as a feedback loop and ensure that we have a clear exit strategy.

Evaluate: Evaluation is built into all our work. This is to demonstrate to clients and stakeholders that our interventions do, indeed, have a positive impact on individuals, groups, teams and also the organisation at large.

Diagnose > Design > Deliver > Empower > Evaluate


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