Halland Institute - People and Organisational Development

Leadership & Management Development

Developing leadership capability in an organisation can make the difference between a good organisation and an excellent one. We work with our clients to co-design, deliver and evaluate bespoke developmental programmes to ensure that content is highly relevant to course members,  encapsulates leading edge thinking and makes a difference to them and their organisation.

Programmes are interactive, enabling participants to share knowledge and experience, thus facilitating the exchange of learning.  Work-based projects are often incorporated, to reinforce learning and provide a valid opportunity to test newly-acquired skills and knowledge. We consistently emphasise the practical application of these skills and concepts – the transfer of learning to practice – to maximise a leader’s effectiveness in the workplace.

Examples of programme participants include:

  • Clinical Leaders
  • Aspiring Directors
  • Middle and Senior Managers

All programmes include formal evaluation to ensure that each individual and the organisation has gained from its investment.

The organisational benefits realised by supporting staff development are evidenced through:

  • Enhanced staff performance
  • Greater organisational efficiency and effectiveness
  • A more motivated and committed workforce
  • Improved staff retention and recruitment

Courses typically comprise a number of elements, such as:

  • Structured input to include the topics identified by course participants and stakeholders at programme design. This provides assurance that key content is delivered within the programme
  • Individual coaching for each course member
  • A work-based project to support transfer of learning
  • Journal recording to encourage reflection and capture insights

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