Halland Institute - People and Organisational Development

A Leadership Development Programme for Managers

Developing a Leadership Community for Organisational Success

Developing leadership capability is at the heart of Halland Institute’s RESOUND ® Programme. It is ILM Accredited and designed to be flexible to the needs of the organisation it serves.  Developing your managerial staff in-house, by providing leadership development content that is relevant to your organisation’s needs, you will grow a leadership community with the relevant values, vision and shared purpose to deliver your company objectives. Through exploration and dialogue with peers, learning and development is accelerated, saving considerable time and compressing learning into a shorter timeframe.

The core themes of the RESOUND ® Programme are widely acknowledged to make the greatest contribution towards leadership development. Since its foundation in 1999, Halland Institute has worked closely with hundreds of middle and senior managers, understanding their development needs and supporting their transformation into highly effective leaders through the co-design and delivery of bespoke leadership development programmes. Using the RESOUND ® framework flexibly, Halland Institute commits to co-designing each programme with the host organisation to best accommodate its bespoke development needs.

The RESOUND ® Programme cohorts comprise a maximum of 12 managers, providing opportunities for facilitated, small group work as well as whole-group activity. Numbers are limited to maximise impact and learning.  A programme will typically extend over 4-6 months, with whole-day sessions designed to provide practical learning that enable managers to become more effective leaders.  Cohort members are encouraged to apply new tools and techniques between study days to consolidate and embed their learning. Work-based projects and Action Learning Sets are elements that may be included in a programme, dependant on the participating organisation’s requirements.

Organisational Benefits 

By participating in the RESOUND ® Programme, an organisation develops its leadership community with:

  • Values aligned to the organisation
  • Skills to drive, support and maintain organisational success
  • CPD recognition that contributes to professional revalidation
  • Greater commitment and connection to the organisation
  • Skills to build relationships and motivate colleagues
  • Excellent role models
  • Increased effectiveness in delivery of organisational goals and objectives
  • Increased support to the top leadership team by emerging leaders distributed throughout the organisation
  • Opportunity to achieve ILM qualification in leadership and management

For more information on how to get involved in the RESOUND® Programme please contact Barbara Bradbury via email: