Halland Institute - People and Organisational Development

Service Improvement

The challenge for all who work in health and social care is to continually improve services and their delivery.  This is especially demanding in the current economic climate, where the requirement is to deliver “more for less”.  Review of service delivery is the first stage of making processes more streamlined and reducing waste, without compromising service quality.

The staff  who deliver services are best placed to know what their patients and residents need. Using tools and techniques that help staff to analyse processes and identify where wastage and inefficiencies occur, the Halland Solutions team facilitates service improvements.  By  supporting staff as they develop an understanding of improvement processes,  Halland Solutions encourages their questioning of traditional practices and fosters a basic readiness to consider how things may be done better.

By a programme of service improvement, an organisation can expect to:

  • Reduce waste and save money
  • Release valuable time to front line staff
  • Improve service quality by process streamlining
  • Focus staff efforts where they are best targeted


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