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Clinical Supervision

“I have really enjoyed our sessions together, you have got it just right. I have had various supervisors in the past, but you have been far and away the best.” Lynne Kovan, Ward Manager

Individual, Group and Team Supervision

Clinical Supervision provides clinicians, managers and other health care workers with the opportunity to reflect on their practice and create strategies for dealing with work-related issues.  In providing this support to staff, they are enabled to develop their personal and professional skills, knowledge and competence.

We have a wealth of experience of providing Clinical Supervision to medical practitioners and all levels of staff in health care from Bands 2-8. Supervision is provided individually, in small groups and in teams.

The benefits to staff and the organisation that result from the investment in supervision include:

  • Workforce that functions at a higher level
  • Ability by staff to take on a wider range of tasks
  • Greater staff motivation
  • Pro-active risk management
  • Improved staff retention and recruitment

Individual supervision sessions are usually of 1 hour in length, whilst teams and groups meet for 1.5 or 2 hours per session.  The frequency of meeting is  monthly, six-weekly or bi-monthly, dependent on need.

What the clients say:

”I have had the opportunity to undergo clinical supervision in a group of 4 or 5 people for the past 3 years with Barbara. I have found this an excellent way of coping with the stresses of a working day within an emotionally charged specialism. The clients I meet on a daily basis are coping with a terminal diagnosis and the many psychosocial and physical problems this can bring.

Barbara’s expertise at focusing the discussion and time management ensure that all involved gain from each session. Initial concerns related to sharing confidential information and feelings and trusting others in my group were quickly resolved by the professional way the group is facilitated. I have learnt a great deal through sharing my experiences and listening to others; we problem solve each other’s topics wherever possible. We have also had some sessions led by Barbara on assertiveness and other coping strategies that I have been able to utilise in difficult situations. I find clinical supervision a valuable support to enable me to deal with my role as a CNS.”

Julia Lowes, Clinical Nurse Specialist

”Managerial Supervision has, for me, been an invaluable experience both professionally and personally. I have often said that it’s like having my own lifestyle guru! It allows in depth discussion and analysis of problem areas as well as providing an opportunity to reflect on success.

From a leadership perspective, the Clinical Supervision that my team receives has provided the team with additional support and a professional forum for problem solving. As a result there are clear examples of improved communication within the team and a greater level of understanding of role dynamics.”

Jo Johnson, Senior Manager

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