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Organisational Clients of Halland Institute include:

  • Community Services
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Mental Health Trusts
  • Commissioning Support Units
  • Care Homes
  • Cancer Service Networks
  • Army Medical Service
  • Coaching and Therapy Training Organisations
  • General Practices
  • NHS Acute Trusts
  • Charities
  • Social Services
  • Strategic Health Authorities
  • Primary Care Trusts (previous)


Clinical Leadership Programme, 2014

“This programme has been invaluable for my personal and professional development. I see things through a totally different point of view.Thank you so much.”

“I have mapped out a realistic plan to achieve my career aspirations. I now better understand how myself and others can do the best for patient care. I have improved my leadership and management styles, which has contributed to an improvement in the service we deliver.”

“The programme has helped hugely in my practice. I am much more relaxed in my work and do not feel intimidated by others.”

“I have become more assertive, confident and structured. The programme has equipped and armed me with knowledge regarding management.”

“I feel this programme has further equipped me with the tools necessary to enhance my management skills in the future. Thank you!”

“I have become a better practitioner and maintain higher standards of care for patients / families. This benefits colleagues as I have become more confident and have better awareness. The programme will help me develop further in my leadership skills and managerial role.”

“The programme has contributed a lot to improving my leadership performance and management in my work place. It has helped to develop the skills required to understand my role as a good, effective leader, able to understand the management/organisation’s aims and objectives, maintain the delivery of high quality nursing care and safety of the patient, and provide job satisfaction for the staff.  I have become more assertive,  improving my communications and assertiveness both personally and professionally. I will be able to continue to apply all the theories and strategies that I have learned from this programme.”

“Since being on the programme, my leadership qualities have improved. I will be updating my reflective journal regularly.  I have more support from my staff as my leadership qualities are so much improved.”


Staff Nurse Professional Development Programme : March – October, 2014

“It has been a great learning experience and I have enjoyed the course, which will help me in my future achievements. Thank you.”

“Benefits include:

  • better communication skills
  • able to use reflective technique to improve my nursing
  • understanding and embracing change and dealing with it in a positive way
  • working better as a team (good team worker)
  • given me a good perspective of what I want in the future and how to start
  • knowing more about myself and how to make things work for me in a positive way

To sum it up, the course will benefit me not just in my work place but in my life.”

“The entire course has been very beneficial in supporting my development and awareness as a relatively newly qualified Staff Nurse, and this has also helped me improve my confidence.”

“All the sessions on this course have helped and will help me in developing my role as a leader in the organisation. The personal SWOT, leadership behaviours and action planning have shaped measurable and achievable plans.”

“The whole course has been great and something I have been looking forward to. It has helped me develop as a nurse (and a person) and I feel that I have a much better understanding of people’s behaviours and why communications sometime ‘breakdown’. I will definitely revisit my notes on a regular basis to help me to further my development. My husband has even benefitted from the notes when he started a new job!”

“I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, and for your support. Having the opportunity to attend this course has really helped me to improve my performance in the ward. I have become more assertive, enhanced my communication skills and been able to become a good team player. It has given me the opportunity to rediscover myself and encouraged me to become a better person. It has also helped me to reflect more on my actions and deal with difficult situations.”

“An excellent course which will enhance my practice. Very interesting and relevant content. Thanks so much, Barbara”

“I have been able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies on how to challenge the weaknesses and turn them into strengths. The course has helped me to think of practical solutions to issues.”

“Benefits include:

  • improving communication skills/assertiveness
  • managing / dealing with change, embracing change
  • courage to educate others without worrying about the consequences”

“All the days on the course have helped me a lot as a person and on dealing with my colleagues. I hope we have more sessions from Barbara!”


Team Development Awayday 

Thank you Barbara, for your help today.  I felt that you facilitated the programme at just the right pace, and that real progress was made.  I am also happy to acknowledge that you and Julia were absolutely right to give more time to the team working / dynamics element! It was interesting to see how helpful it was for team members to have some protected time in which to be able to interact and express themselves relatively openly. I feel that there is now a real momentum to implement the agreed changes to streamline the work pathway, and that we will tackle the remaining three aspects.  You played a key role in this.”                                                                         

Dr Martine Meyer, Consultant in Palliative Care                           


St Anthony’s Hospital – Staff Nurse Study Day on Team Development : 10 July, 2013

“Learning about the normal stages  helped me to understand the basics of team development. Motivation / group working will help me to be pro-active to change my behaviour and implement my action plan”.

“The group activities were very good. The session will help me become more confident in communicating with other members of the team”.

“The day has helped me to be more aware of other motivations that team members may have, and how different team members work”.

“In an on-going way, I have lots to think through and use. Fun!”.

“I will now look at how our team works – makes you think of how things can change within the team – e.g. motivation / different styles within team”.

“I will be able to use what I have learnt today, as some of the materials were new to me. The group work was good as I was able to discuss within the group. I feel confident enough to speak up more in a group”.

Was the Senior Managers Development Programme effective?

“Undoubtedly, yes! As a group, we transformed into more confident, happier and more able people. Many of us have since moved onwards and upwards into even more senior or diverse positions.

“As an individual I have continued to apply my new knowledge and understanding to the workplace. Of particular benefit to me has been the ability to recognise my strengths, weaknesses and preferred way of working. This has enabled me to recognise, respond and adapt to those qualities in others, especially those people with whom I work most closely.

Would I recommend Barbara Bradbury / Halland Solutions to others?

“Definitely, yes!  With Barbara I finally found someone who enabled me to successfully apply management theory to practice.

“My organisation has recently commenced on another large restructuring exercise and I was one of the first clusters of affected staff groups. As part of my preparation when applying for a new position, I revisited the work we did with Barbara – yet again it proved beneficial and I was promoted to my preferred choice of available posts.

“In summary I have gone from someone who remained suspicious about ‘management gurus’ to being a convert – the theories remain the same – the key was finding the right facilitator. Barbara was, and is, in my opinion, that person.”

Lesley Nolan
Sutton, Surrey


Executive Coaching

“This was my first experience of coaching and it was very positive. Barbara provided just the right balance of listening to me, asking good questions to have me examine things more deeply, suggesting tools/theories/reading – she enabled me to develop my expertise a lot more in people management. So, a big impact on my work in an area that needed development”.

Dr AJ, Public Health Director


Clinical Leadership Programme

“The Clinical Leadership Programme has contributed to my personal development in leadership qualities and general management of staff and patients. I have learnt different skills, to deal better with sensitive situations and go forward with much reduced stress. This programme has helped me gain a better understanding of the nurse leader role and my strengths and weaknesses. Having staff from different areas of health care made it more interesting, as we were able to learn from each other’s different perspectives.

“Barbara made our course enjoyable, relaxed, easy to learn new ideas and ways. She is also very approachable, which made this course so special”.

NM, Senior Nurse Manager  


Management Supervision

“If it hadn’t have been for the opportunity to have individual Supervision with Barbara, I would have left my job and, probably, the NHS by now.  As a business manager of a surgical unit in a large acute Trust, I had become very disillusioned with the NHS in general, and my own organisation in particular. I never seemed to have time to do all the development that I wanted (and needed) to do for the unit or the staff. Pro-activity was a pipe dream – I spent all my time fire-fighting. Being reactive like this brought no job satisfaction. I felt unsupported by my seniors and unsupportive to my team.  Barbara and I met monthly for 18 months and those sessions were the reason that I am still in the NHS. It is still hectic, but I manage things very differently now. The support that I had from Barbara was invaluable”.

G H, Business Manager, NHS


Leadership Development Programme

“The mentorship component (of the Leadership Development Programme) has facilitated reflection on personal performance and practice. The sessions have been a constructive way to work through issues/problems and form action plans. It has also made a very pleasant change to have some ‘me’ time. This has contributed to the feeling that the Trust values me as a person and as a Practitioner.

“An excellent course – more please!”

Angela Brown, Nurse Practitioner 



There was a point in my career when I hit a brick wall and glass ceiling simultaneously; I obviously needed a mentor but I could not find someone who met my needs at the time.

A senior colleague recommended Barbara Bradbury of Halland Solutions. So, we set up an initial meeting and agreed how to work together. Barbara acted as my professional mentor for four years. During that time Barbara was always supportive and informative and at times could be challenging if I did not pull my weight (which was just what I needed).

The mentoring sessions allowed to me to explore my own development needs and future career path. As a result, I was able to move onto new pastures and have not looked back.

Nicky Besag, NHS Manager.
Clinical Supervision

”I have had the opportunity to undergo clinical supervision in a group of 4 or 5 people for the past 3 years with Barbara. I have found this an excellent way of coping with the stresses of a working day within an emotionally charged specialism. The clients I meet on a daily basis are coping with a terminal diagnosis and the many psychosocial and physical problems this can bring.

Barbara’s expertise at focusing the discussion and time management ensure that all involved gain from each session. Initial concerns related to sharing confidential information and feelings and trusting others in my group were quickly resolved by the professional way the group is facilitated. I have learnt a great deal through sharing my experiences and listening to others; we problem solve each other’s topics wherever possible. We have also had some sessions led by Barbara on assertiveness and other coping strategies that I have been able to utilise in difficult situations. I find clinical supervision a valuable support to enable me to deal with my role as a CNS.”

Julia Lowes, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Management Supervision

”Managerial Supervision has, for me, been an invaluable experience both professionally and personally. I have often said that it’s like having my own lifestyle guru! It allows in depth discussion and analysis of problem areas as well as providing an opportunity to reflect on success.

From a leadership perspective, the Clinical Supervision that my team receives has provided the team with additional support and a professional forum for problem solving. As a result there are clear examples of improved communication within the team and a greater level of understanding of role dynamics.”

Jo Johnson, Senior Manager
Coaching Workshop

I really enjoyed the small and friendly group attending Barbara’s workshop. It was a pleasure to meet Barbara, who was very approachable and helped us to learn how to improve our life. The small group encouraged us to participate even though I call myself shy in public speaking.

Dr Ambalal Patel, G.P.

I found my coaching sessions with Barbara enjoyable and helpful. Having initially believed I did not need coaching, I discussed some of the relationships in my personal and working life that needed to be improved. Barbara referred to the transactional analysis model during her coaching and this was very useful in helping me to understand what was happening in these relationships and how I and/or others were stuck in a situation of often playing the role of either parent or child, rather than ‘adult’. This realisation has helped me to change two of my close family relationships and my relationship with my boss at work. So, thank you very much Barbara.



Supervision and Developmental Support

I first met Barbara in 2003, at a clinical leadership programme organised by Wandsworth PCT. She was the course leader.

Barbara is easy to get on with and works in an open, relaxed and flexible way while still being structured. She is non-judgemental and respects the views of others. She is also honest, open, committed and reliable.

The course was very informative and has enabled me to take on the role of managing a nursing team of three nurses, two phlebotomists and one health care assistant at the practice.

Recently I undertook my first attempt at being a project manager. Throughout the project Barbara was my mentor. She supported me with new challenges and helped me to explore my own solutions to problems while sharing ideas of working in an efficient way. She has always shown a great interest in the work I am doing.

Barbara appears to have a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of management. She has assisted me in presenting papers, organising project work, preparing an executive summary and a final report.

Karen Gray, Specialist Practitioner (Practice Nursing) and Project Manager for Practice Nursing Project across South West London.
February 2006


Leadership Development Programme

“The programme had excellent content. I enjoyed the group participation, particularly being able to apply theory to our own work, previous experiences and learning from each other.

“I have enjoyed all the speakers and have found all the materials ‘User Friendly’ – I appreciate not having to take notes, concentrating instead on participation, knowing course materials are circulated.

“Other, non-nurse, leaders in the organisation would benefit from a similar course – particularly to enhance their communication skills!

“The course has strengthened my relationships with colleagues on the programme, has reinforced my knowledge and increased my confidence in working with non-nursing colleagues and career managers.

Thank you!”

RL,  Senior Nurse Manager


Clinical Supervision

I have found Clinical Supervision a huge resource for either very small issues that go wrong in the day to day course of the professional world or indeed in some major problems. Being non-judgemental and completely confidential, it is a useful resource in providing empowerment in difficult situations. Sessions on assertiveness and Transactional Analysis have been invaluable. It is interesting how eager all the group members are in using their knowledge, to help the person who is having the problem. It is immensely helpful to know that we are not on our own in difficult situations and somehow after Clinical Supervision we often have the courage to confront our problems head-on.

Marretje Miller

Mentor & Coach

Barbara has been my mentor and coach for over 7 years. Our sessions have enabled me to look at my strengths and weaknesses, plan and develop my career.

I have become more confident in my abilities and taken on roles and challenges that I doubt I would have contemplated without coaching. The sessions have made me often view situations in a different way, manage difficult relationships and also help me look at my behaviour and how that has contributed to positive and negative situations and develop strategies to move forward professionally and personally. I, like many others, was unsure at the outset of the benefits of having mentoring and coaching but, with an experienced mentor and coach like Barbara, the benefits reaped cannot be underestimated.

Collette Davies
I have had supervision for the last four years with Barbara Bradbury and have found it very helpful in discussing and working out solutions for difficult issues. Having supervision in a group has the added advantage of being able to share experiences and learning from the other group members. We can raise issues in a safe environment with Barbara, who is the supervisor and a facilitator.

Tarlika Patel
Information Manager

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